Contact Customer Service for any questions at We will take the time always to help people who can't help themselves and we also pay very close attention to detail. We may not be a big name now but we plan on doing what we can to make this world a better place and in return making your wallet just a little bit heavier and hopefully in turn ours too. - Thank You

You can reach Mary Information, Scheduling,Pricing, Partnership Information and any other business venture as it pertains to Art, Painting, Label designs and etcetera. Or for questions as they might need the direction of non sports related affairs. Mary has the experience to assist in most if not all areas non sports in nature. Her informaton is as follows.

Mary McBride

Senior Level Management

Topics outside of sports

(806) 464-1803

For questions about all fascets of the sports card grading side of the business, sports, investments, partnerships, employment and the like....


Christopher Dewey (Owner)

Owner, IT, partnerships, Business Vntures, Ideas, donations and sales.

I love Sports

Topics relevant to Sports

(806) 464-1803

Stephanie Lao-oliwa

Grader, Former Forensic Pathologist, and Handwriting guru.

Mets fan. Yuck!