$25.00 Grading.... PLEASE READ

Grading Scale

Poor 1 (It's like grading bread and milk cereal, that's right kids you're lucky)

FR 1.5 (a double date with your cousin sure you're out but let's be honest you're not happy about it)

Good 2 (we're being nice but really not good)

OK 3 ( Okay =)

B. Avg 4 (Below Average)

Avg 5 (Average)

A. Avg 6 (Above Par-)

Qual - 7.0 (Quality -)

Qual + 7.5 (Quality +)

N.Mint- 8 (Near Mint -)

N.Mint+ 8.5 (Near Mint+)

Mint - 9.0 ( Mint-)

Mint + 9.5 (Mint+)

GEM-MT 10 (Gem Mint)

Hero- Pat Tillman

Here are some examples or grades that we have given cards in the past. So that you have something to compare to.

Now by popular request - simplified pricing.... Donate 10% of what the total for our service comes out to for our Grade and Encapsulation service to Saint Judes Childrens Hospital and we will (after you provide proof of donation) grade all of your cards for $35.00 a piece. 10% comes from a $50.00 per card service. If you have a problem with that. I don't want your business. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????? I know! You're welcome!

10 card submission - 10 x $50.00 = Total $500.00

Saint Judes Donation 10% of $500.00 = $50 (of our profits)

Its Magic.......... Your total $500.00 Hmmmm I think i'll donate $50.00 to Saint Judes... Look SVCG I did it. I donated $50.00 to
To Saint Judes. Now we are cooking. Now we are changing the game. Because you did that..... watch this.

10 Card Submission - 10 x $50.00 = Total $500.00

Donation of 10% original total = $50.00

New Total -

10 Card Submission - 10 x $50.00 $35.00 = Total $350.00

Choosing not to donate to Saint Judes would have cost you $500.00 (for 10 cards) and in the past I wouldn't even have accepted it. But if you want to pay $150.00 more I'll donate $100.00 on our behalf and keep $400.00 for myself. Which is fine that give Saint Judes 20% so it literally financially is in the best interest of everyone (Except us) to donate to Saint Judes. You do not have to though. We'll do it for you. But it will no way add to your total. As you can see... you save literally $150.00 by donating. Imagine that you only had $500.00 then you can get 14 cards for but we'll tell you a secret we'll do 15 in cases like that.

In this scenario and their aren't many anymore.. It pay's do be a good person. Thanks and God Bless all of you. - Christopher Dewey/ Owner

Giannis Antetokounmpo graded 10 isn't even our highest grade and this card is gorgeous

Flawless corners, Flawless surface, Flawless QB.... err I mean Flawless and Edgy... Damnit Tom your so Mezmerizing. 10

This Brady exhibited 9.5's in all 4 areas except surface which graded a 10. The condition of the card just can't be graded a 10 when the centering had a small issue. while not significant still 3/4 = 9.5

This Brady showed signs of some corner wear and the centering while not most important for us was a little one sided. The surface also has a little tiny discoloration. Great looking card but ultimately a 9.

Brady... Again (Hey PSA Has MANTLE) as you can see the edges are a bit Meh, their is a softish corner and the centering is also meh. Their not bad their just meh. Say it out loud you'll get it "meh!"

This card while still rigid for the most part is starting to show signs that its been handled a bit to much 2 soft corners, centering while pretty good... this one could have easily been a 7-7.5 if handled once more.