In anticipation of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

we have change our logo. We will stand and fight with you little angels. Be sure to check out our St. Judes Page for more info on how you can get involved.

Call us 806-464-1803 we are located in tny little Olustee, OK we do all of our submissions via USPS this way you can insure and have a papertrail for your package. Not giving our physical location is something I just wont do. I apologize in advance. This world has gotten out of control and my kids hang with us at the shop from time to time. You are free to send with an I.D pickup only. You can email us at or check us out at and please like and share our page. We hold random giveaways and more. So if you want to get in on the fun be sure to like and share. Or click the links below

$18.00 Grading! Grade 10 get 2 free!

5 Stars on Every Forum! It's because we place quality above money!


  • We give 10% of every dollar we make to charitable organizations.

  • Our labels represent and show the American Flag. So as to not violate the law... it features customizations that are in good taste.

  • Our Customer Service in our eyes second to none. Our Customers agree.

  • Our Graders are not for hire, they sign non disclosure agreements to not disclose their identities. Doing so literally will cost them $100,000.00. This is the contract each sign. I mean if they want to disclose their identity; I welcome it. They are stubborn though and for some strange reason are happy keeping it private. Weird. =)

  • Our graders are a former Owner of an Auction Business, A former Supervisor with PSA, A diamond laser inscriptionist and also a forensic accountant. Think about what it takes to grade a card. Clever huh?

  • We do not, will not, nor have ever upcharged on a submission.

  • We grade and encapsulate Pat Tillman cards free of charge with purchase of at least 5 card grading service.

Example: Submit 5 cards for regular grading and get 3 Pat Tillman cards free of charge. So pay for 5 get 3 free. (This stops someone just submitting 100 cards of all Pat Tillman).