Proud to help support

"Bridging the gap between those who have fought for our rights and those fighting for their lives. From younger soldiers to the wounded of wars old. even the little cancer warriors who's story has yet to be told. Southern Values Card Grading gives a percentage of every encapsulated card sold. We support those who cannot support themselves!" -SVCG

Know.... and let me reiterate. You don't need to spend 1 dollar. You're cards will be graded, encapsulated and out of the money that goes to our business you will be deducting 10% and donating it to these beautiful babies. BE THE CHANGE. These encapsulated cards can stand for more than just what you hope to receive. They can stand for difference made. Children having a fighting chance. The best part is it's not a sales pitch. the order will not process until this has been completed first. Will you stand with us?

This is our mission and this is just a little way that we can help.

"My card gained a bunch of value when I got it encapsulated!"

"My life and my cards gained value when I got my cards graded" I also donated to Saint Judes.

If these little faces arent enough to convince you.... Then how about the fact that when you show proof of the 10% being donated to ANY worthy cause that involves kids. I'll give you 5% off your purchase; you weren't getting a discount before. You are just getting permission to give away 10% of what would have been the business' income. If you prove to us that after you were given the total, you deducted and donated that 10% to a cause that helps sick Children or even injured Veterans I will deduct 5% from the purchase. Which now takes 15% away from the business and every single donation will be in your name THE CUSTOMER. Every single one of them. SVCG wont ever get credit for a dime. If we can be that unselfish.... Can't you?

United the State of our America

-----is one worth living in.-----

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!